Michal Bačák
Folk / Single Young Woman from Moravian Samoa


After decorating his Elementary Set, Michal Bačák (as part of another project for Křehký) set out on researching the tradition of Kyjov majolica – an area Křehký has been interested in for a long time. Michal decided to design this edition of bowls after meeting Karel Hanák, a manufacturer of Kyjov majolica pieces using traditional methods at his family home in Násedlovice. Michal describes the three bowls in the following way: “These bowls depict both everyday and ceremonial life in specific regions, much like other objects of colonial folk culture. By portraying these blends of cultures, religions and symbols within exotic nature, specific historical eras are documented – with just a hint of mystification.” These three bowls and three portraits link Moravia with the world of the explorer voyages: Single Young Woman from Moravian Samoa, Chief Miller from the Islands of Our Lady of Křtiny, and Widow from Papua Nové Milotice on an Easter procession to Yucatan.
Each bowl from the Folk collection is one of a limited edition of five pieces.
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